POP Slots: A free game that gives you Real-life Rewards!

pop slots

Would you like to get real loyalty points on hotels in Las Vegas when you play a game? Pop Slot is one such game that allows real-life bonus.

Download and play Pop Slots in Android phone and smartphone and feel the joy of victory is in your handheld device.

You will sense the essence of a quick escape or a bit of fun whenever you play the game. And every time you play, the game will give you real incentives that can be used in the best casinos, events, restaurants or clubs in Las Vegas and beyond.

What is Loyalty Points in Pop Slots?

Pop Slot is a fun and exciting game that gives these loyalty Points for free as a reward. These are yellow coloured chips that are given on the pop of balloons.

But these are different than normal chips used for placing a bet. You cannot use the Loyalty Points in placing a bet, but there are various other uses of it.

How to use Loyalty Points?

For Las Vegas hotel stays and further discounts or incentives, most POP Slots fans have already spent loyalty points.

Start without any cash at all and appreciate the chance to pay huge benefits, so you can sleep in Best of the hotels in Las Vegas as well as eat in the finest restaurants.

You will also have the opportunity to win prizes that will also encourage you to see some of the best shows in Las Vegas.

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How to get more Loyalty Points

Pop slots have been challenging in the past to obtain sufficient loyalty points.  Today, though, this game is far more pleasant, and in a very short period, with this pop slots hack you will comfortably earn over 1000 loyalty points a day.

The violet ball occurs more frequently as you play the game on the screen.  It’s going to give L.P. And chips and EXP.

Continue to the game for a long time enough, and you’ll see how 50 Loyalty points will be granted to every “pop.”  Games with a low level of experience are unable to get 50 L.P. unless you place a considerable bet rather than bet low.

So, this is the Pop Slots strategy I adopt:

At first, select a very nice reward match.  These are rewards that allow huge multipliers or sticky wilds.  Place your bet adequate that will yield 50 Loyalty points in each Pop of the Balloon.

Do not place more than that as you will get maximum that Also keep an eye on the bets placed as your chips will disappear fast.


The goal is to accumulate points of loyalty. So, when you accumulate thousands of loyalty points for a given session, don’t panic if you’re out of chips.

Through the occasional reward and chip-collection tab, which occurs every 4 hours will bring you another big amount.

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