Creative Destruction Daily Missions Guide to Unlock New amazing Rewards

creative destruction daily missions guide

In order to progress in any game, the main thing that the developers can provide is rewards, and Creative Destruction is a newly released Battle Royale game with so many amazing rewards in it.

If you have played any Battle Royale game in a mobile device, then the Creative Destruction will take your experience to a new level. The developers of the game are NetEase games who have added many new things that will expand the experience of playing.

Major changes happen in the graphics, which is so unique, and much seems like a cartoonist, which is quite adaptive.

The impressive thing about the game is that with new seasons, new items and skins releases that gamers can unlock by playing the matches.

Know about Missions

Missions are a vital part of every game, some named its tasks, but in the end, it plays a vital part in any type of game. In the Creative Destruction, gamers will receive new missions every day, and instead of this, there are weekly missions that are also available that provide amazing skins.

Every task is unique, and in order to complete gamers have to be aggressive and be cautious because if you did in the middle of the mission, there would be no reward.

Currently, there are a lot more millions of players play, and every gamer has a different type of weekly mission, but daily missions are quite small and the same.

Rewards are the major part that keeps the excitement in-game, so it is one of the major reasons for popularity also.

After dropping from the air, your missions start, and if any player dies before complete the mission, then they have to start the mission again.

The missions are mentioned below –

  • Use grenades to kill the enemy
  • Use some particular gun to kill the enemy
  • Collect gun and kill a specific number of enemy
  • Land on a major location to set up a goal

Creative Destruction is a huge game, and there are several kinds of missions available in it, and everyday new kind of missions will be available to complete.

It is up to the players how they will use the creative destruction hack to complete all of those to get huge rewards.

  • Rewards to unlock
  • Complete daily missions
  • Log in daily to get many amazing rewards
  • To get the dresses you can buy at the online game store
  • Weapons skins are so expensive and to get them you have to complete special missions

At the beginning of the game, there is just one dress of male and female characters each. Apart from it, there are so many rewards available in the game that makes it more interesting.

Players can play the game in FPS mode, so the skins of guns look so dazzling, and for these weapons, skins are available in the game. If you are a beginner, then these tips will help you a lot.

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