A Complete Guide to Redeeming Free Steam Codes

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Generating free Steam codes isn’t easy. Typically fans of the platform have to go through a lot in order to generate these codes – from being wary of fake online Steam code generators to completing hundreds of surveys, only after a lot of effort do users get their hands on the much-coveted free Steam Codes.

So, after all the hard work, the next few steps should be easy, right? Wrong! A lot of users tend to be confused about the process of activating games.

By reading this guide, users will be able to activate their code, download their game, and start playing within minutes.

Add the Game/s

  • After logging into your Steam account, you will have to choose the game you wish to play. Once you have made your decision, click on the button titled ‘Add a Game.’ You’ll see it on the left-hand corner of your screen.
  • After clicking on this button, you’ll see three options pop up. Ignore the other two and click on the option which reads “Activate Product on Steam.” Then, add the game that you have chosen into this tab. Make sure to have your free Steam code pasted in your Notepad app.

Activating the Game

  • Once you have added the game of your choice, you’ll need to activate it. You will see a disclaimer pop up, which will say that you must have the product/game key in order to proceed. Click on ‘Next’ and go through the Steam Subscriber Agreement rules. After carefully reading these guidelines, click ‘Proceed.’
  • Here, the registration process starts. A window will pop up, asking that you need to enter the game’s code. Copy and paste the code from your Notepad app and click ‘Next.’ Make sure there are no spaces within the code. Typically, free Steam codes no survey look like this – ‘TTNU5-LJGMY-EXKHF’.
  • Next, a window should pop up, informing you whether or not the activation process was successful. If there’s an error with the code, you will have to start all over again. If everything goes smoothly, you will get to access the download screen.

Downloading the Game 

  • A window will pop up saying that your download is in process. All you need to do is wait! Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can start playing.

Getting Free Steam Codes

Don’t ever try and generate codes from illegitimate generators. These generators typically charge you excessive amounts of money and provide you with fake codes.

Steam’s security team are extremely particular when it comes to punishing people who enter fake codes during the activation process.

If you keep entering fake codes during the activation process, your account may get locked or banned from the platform. Hence it is very important to generate Steam codes only from licensed websites.

Also, make sure that your Steam code matches the value of your game. Save up and invest your time into the process of generating Steam codes.

Steam has over 90 million users who are non-paid. Most of them use legitimate ways of earning Steam codes such as completing surveys, online shopping, etc.

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