Some best online places to buy fish in Singapore

Singaporeans cannot deny their love for fish and if you are one who loves to gorge on fish dishes, then this blog is for you. While it was easier to get fish and other seafood earlier, post-Covid the scenario has changed. Now visiting a store or the wet market is not of much preference. But, it is always convenient to buy fish online Singapore from some good online suppliers who provide the freshest serve.

Buy fish online from these online suppliers

  • 9s Seafood

A third-generation seafood provider, they deliver both fresh and frozen variety at your doorstep. From exquisite rabbitfish to Norwegian salmon, they are the suppliers of a wide variety of fishes fresh from the ocean.

  • Ah Hua Kelong

Experienced in supplying to restaurants and seafood joints, they have started selling out raw and fresh directly to the consumers. You can be assured of high-quality catches from this supplier because of their best quality floating fish farm.

  • Apollo Marine Seafood

They vouch for the freshest from their automated aquaculture farming system. Besides using new technologies in fish farming for zero waste produce and minimal water exchange, they are the one and only land-based fish farm in Singapore.

  • Dish The Fish

‘New age fishmongers’ is what they like to call themselves. They are very particular about the freshness of the raw product they are receiving and the platter they are serving to the customers. You can visit their website for their popular menu of Black Cod Fillet, Wild Threadfin, and Mackerel.

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