Things to know about air blowers

The equipment that increases the speed of air when passing through impellers is called blowers. They are mainly used for exhausts, cooling, ventilation, conveying, etc. Here, the pressure at the inlet is low and the pressure at the outlet is higher. Wherever moderate pressure requirements are present in an industry, this type of blower equipment is useful. Below are listed the types of blowers and tips to select one.

Types of blowers:

            There are many types of blower singapore available. This is based on power capacity, blade size, design, and application.

Forward-curved: This type of blade creates high velocity when they are rotating at low speed. The blades are curved forward here.

Backward-curved: This is much faster than the forward-curved blades. Those industrial applications that require higher static pressure are much suited for this type of blade. These blades move away from the direction of rotation.

Radial: These blades used for cooling purposes are generally not curved and find use in small exhaust systems.

Airfoil: These are airfoil-shaped blades. These blades are narrow towards the outer end.

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Factors to consider to select a blower:

  • Always select blowers that are of lesser weight. These are easy to carry and operate as also maintenance wise it is easier. It does not occupy much space and can be stored easily.
  • Choose a blower that consumes less energy.
  • If your usage is for longer hours or for cleaning a larger area, you can go for electric air blowers.
  • If the area covered is smaller, it can be a smaller air blower machine which is generally battery operated.
  • Before venturing to buy learn about the different types of blowers available in the market.
  • You should also identify the purpose for which you need the blower and decide accordingly on the type of blower.

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